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Maybe I should have called it the ROUTE 66 ADDRESS BOOK and LOG BOOK. There are no blank pages for stamps or places handing out rewards which I have figured out are expected in a PASSPORT. All 48 pages are packed with info for people who don't like getting lost or missing out on really cool things to do along the way. And like to keep track of it for bragging rights and impressing friends and grandkids.

But HISTORIC US ROUTE 66 PASSPORT it is because of the SIZE: 3.5x5.5 inches so it fits in my pocket and opens flat. I only had 48 pages so I crammed in as much as I could of what I need to know in a hurry AND kept the size of the TYPE LARGE ENOUGH TO READ! Almost all listings are for public attractions not private businesses. I have an idea for that later (businesses and stamps) but there is only one of me and 24 hours in a day so it will have to wait. Right now I am conducting extensive research for the 'Route 66 Wine Trail Adventure Guide.' Visited over 70 wineries along the way, from Chicago to LA. Someone had to do it! Mike Ward helped. Bless him!

No, the PASSPORT does not replace any of the other wonderful books and maps you have for Route 66. Think of it as Cliff Notes for trip planning. This is what you will find in the HISTORIC US ROUTE 66 PASSPORT:

TOWNS and PLACES: A bit like geocaching or a scavenger hunt. Check them off when (or if) you can find them. 314 early towns and missing places along the way. Not only will you track your progress, you will also answer the classic question posed by kids: "Are we there yet?" That works out to one box to check about every 7 1/2 miles but I've included the actual mileage. By the way, railroad water tanks were 14 miles apart which can account for distances between towns (at least it is true in California).

ATTRACTIONS: Not that the list of towns and places won't keep you looking, I've included 330 attractions that are still there or never went away. Stop at a local visitor center for coupons to local businesses and attractions and while you are there, ask for info about local events, opinions about food, directions to really hard to find historic Rt. 66 alignments. Don't forget to pack your National Park Service admission pass.

THE LINES ON THE PAGES between places are for you to write things down. I put in my cost of gas, food, and lodging; my odometer reading and time of day when I stop; and the NAMES of really nice people I meet along the way.

ELEVATIONS: I am (or at least I was) a wiz at adjusting my carburetor for altitude. I started traveling when all you needed was a screwdriver, pliers, duct tape and pantyhose (a little water and gas was a good idea too). Ah, for the good ole days!

GPS COORDINATES and ADDRESSES: I am sure that info is in one or more of the many Route 66 travel guides I have onboard but when I am driving I just want to know where things are. Like really quick.

I also set up my GPS the night before in my Garmin (and Tom Tom so I can have races). I've learned the hard way that Google Maps on my cell phone DO NOT WORK just when you want or need them the most. Even when Google Maps is working, it may not know the name of what I am looking for or have an accurate location (some day I'll tell you why - or send me an email and ask me).

OTHER THINGS TO SEE AND DO: While I am here, I want to use every minute of my time. Getting back home and hearing about a great place that I could have visited is not my idea of fun! Ever been to Palo Duro Canyon? Ever hear of it?

US 2010 CENSUS: To me it is important to know the current population to get the feeling for change.

Buying the Passport is worth every penny if you want the secret of where to find the local Indian and arrange to drive directly onto the floor of the Grand Canyon (in your 4-wheel drive, of course).

Yes, there is a mileage chart of distances between major cities, coming west as well as going east. That is in addition to the distances between all the towns and places listed in the Passport.

Inside the front cover I have a place where you can "make a memory" of your trip: the car you are driving, your travel companions, where and when you started and finished.

I am getting super positive emails from travelers who have used the book. No, it is not perfect and I appreciate learning about corrections. Some of the places "I've missed" I really didn't but may reconsider. Yes, there actually are new things being added along the way that I'd like to hear about.

Special thanks to Michael Wallis for telling me that I could say that he recommends the Passport and to Mike Ward for hitting the Wine Trail in Arizona in the capacity of Reporter, of course!

Seriously, if you are not buying this little book because of the $8.95 price and figure you can use the internet for free and get the same information, you are about to waste a lot of time (when you could be tasting wine) and become extremely frustrated (and end up drinking beer). Yes, printing it in the USA doubled the price but you cannot have it both ways and we picked the Good Ole USA

SHIPPING: The Passport just fits in an envelope to go first class but one more page and the postage jumps to over a dollar so I confirm (and thank you) via email. I mail them no later than the next day in person at the Post Office. I have mailed them ahead to hotels where you are expected in about 3 days (2 days would be cutting it close).

Intro and travel advice for a happy adventure

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 $8.95 + $.75 1st Class US postage ($9.70 USD total). Printed in USA
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Extremely useful trip summary logbook / journal and route guide for all travelers.

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Historic US Route 66 Passport, I-55, I-44, I-40, I-10, 
Chicago to LA, United States of America

First Edition 2012 by Guidebook Press, Barbara Maxwell, Editor
ISBN 978-1-937511-05-0

Wholesale available in lots of 10Email or Call 918-584-4636.

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